phaseone, two, and three

the experience of being underwater is primal. it's terrifying and weightless, silent and suspended. it makes sense that astronauts train underwater before taking off into the stars.

phaseone is from st. louis where there is no ocean. maybe he doesn't even know how to swim. ///based on these three remixes, however, i'd say he knows what it's like to move in 3 dimensions and get very very very deep./// you can almost feel the pressure.

panda bear i'm not. already beach boy-on-acid vocals sound even more like they're transmitting from across a pool, the hand-claps and hi-hat beat rippling the surface.

burial archangel. burial is a master of forcing your ear to strain, trying to catch each small muffled creak, then smothering your brain in bass and static fuzz. like diving to 100 ft., hearing a distant clink of a bottle tapping a head of coral while feeling the vibration of a huge tanker passing overhead. phaseone's mix pushes the tempo, making the lyrics sound more urgent and aggressive.

grouper heavy water. enough said.

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