la tigre + peaches' band = MEN.

i know, i think they should check the math too. that's not the answer i would have come to had i mathematicized la tigre, that lesbian band, with peaches that andro-p0wer-fucker. well one thing's for sure, this MEN is a bad-ass mama-jam lucky-you gift for summer 09. don't send a thank you card, just turn this up on your beach ghetto blaster, get slizzy and shake ya butt.

these two chuckle heads above just realized what an amazing legendary summer this is going to be. that's right fellas, can't believe this shit over here neither!

[thanks to gottadancedirty for the headsup]]]


MEN simultaneously

MEN off our backs



desert knowledge

so what did we learn in indio?

//// i'll tell you after i wake up. but in the mean time check out this bat for lashes cover of kings of leon. dreamy church organ and natasha kahn's ethereal alto teases the heart out of this song and leaves it ringing in your ears. dreamy....

bat for lashes use somebody (live lounge bbc radio1)



coachella roundup 2

lykke li dance dance dance (grandtheft remix)

The Presets - This boys in love from stian hilton on Vimeo.

JENNY LEWIS 'Rise Up with Fists' from the infantry on Vimeo.

coachella starts today and ends when my head explodes]]



back from the bodhi tree

so it's been awhile.//// i've been meditating with buddha's henchmen and frying my brain in sweaty uv for days... so i'm easing back into things.

friendly fires at the troub tonight should help right?

frindly fires jump in the pool