playmix 13

here it is guys.

playmix 13

from the loving hearts and minds of JT&T. playmix 13.

1. Girls – Lust For Life
2. Neon Indian – Should Have Taken Acid With You
3. The Flaming Lips – Convinced Of The Hex
4. Charlotte Gainsbourg – IRM
5. The Raveonettes – Heart Of Stone
6. Dead Man’s Bones – Pa Pa Power
7. Bon Iver & St. Vincent – Rosyln
8. El Perro Del Mar – Change Of Heart
9. Ellie Goulding – Under The Sheets
10. Electric Youth – Faces
11. Headlights – Secrets
12. Sunset Rubdown – Apollo And The Buffalo And Anna Anna Anna Oh!
13. Sea Wolf – Wicked Blood
14. Islands – Switched On
15. Tegan & Sara – Alligator
16. Letting Up Despite Great Faults – The Colors Aren’t You Or Me



indian summer mixtape

anoraak indian summer mix tape

best start to finish mix i've heard all year. i don't care where you are or what you're doing this will make whatever it is so much better. check out the track list and try not to get excited.


1| holy ghost! I will come back classixx acapulco nights version

2| david rubato circuit [siriusmo remix]
3| jupiter Mama used to say
4| Metric Help i'm alive [The Twelves remix]
5| Pacific! Hold me [Breakbot remix]

6| Lacquer Behind

7| Château Marmont Diane

8| Cinnamon Chasers I like watching you [Diamond Cut remix]

9| Michael Cassette Moonlight runner

10| Friendly Fires Skeleton boy [Grum remix]

11| Zoot Woman Saturation

12| LeCorpsMinceDeFrançoise Bitch of the bitches [Russ Chimes remix]
13| Jamaica [PoneyPoney] When do you wanna stop working [Pacific! remix]
14| The Juan Mc Lean Happy house [VHS or Beta remix]
15| Passion Pit Little secrets

thanks a. garcia for sending this in my direction.



single bear looking for love, long walks on the beach

CANT ghosts

CANT is chris taylor of grizzly bear's solo project. he's the sexy blonde one.

chris plays the bass, bass sax, flute, harmonizes sweetly and twiddles most of the knobs and peddles on stage with gb.

this track is mostly about mood and build without much in the way of melody or hooks. harmonic oooh's, flanged out beach guitars, steady bass drum beat and tamborine all recorded in some huge hall of echoes and reverb. in other words any fan of the grizz beyond two weeks will totally dig it.

|||\// /



dodgeball and rollerskates. childhood games definitely worth a revisit once you're no longer a kid.

matias aguayo rollerskate

this new track from a chilean techno-minimalist takes a twist toward the roller-rink by way of midnight gym class. you'll have that rolling a capella beat in your head all day.

||||| |


swimming pools

real estate pool swimmers

ou est le swimming pool dance the way i feel

two very different, very great tracks by new bands you maybe haven't heard of.

\\\ \


dreamwave 5 :: anoraak

anoraak is the king of the valerie collective. my love and admiration for this frenchman is obvious to anyone who has followed this blog or the playmix group. he just fucking nails it every time.

a sick van halen guitar attack opens this track and there's no stopping it from there. party.

fact reborn anoraak remix




let's pretend it's still summer. better yet, just sit back and snuggle up in whatever increasingly brisk climate you find yourself and remember how great summer was. listen to these dreamy tracks with a sweet pang of nostalgia and a wash of mellow vibes. feel your sun-kissed skin begin to fade.

ducktails wishes
ducktails on the boardwalk
ducktails roses



shadow dancer

i don't know where or when i took this picture. i just discovered it on my memory card and it's blowing my mind. dark, mysterious, full of intrigue. like this track below.

moderat is the colaboration between dance/electro-meisters modeselektor and apparat.

mmmatthias is in my opinion a definite contender for remix artist of the year, and definitely the dj with the best taste in source material.

the thumping intro on this track sounds like a shadowy stranger pounding at your door late on a foggy night... but it's cool, he just wants to take you out and dance dirty.

moderat les grandes marches (mmmatthias remix)



look nick! guitars!

so i was accused yesterday of exclusively favoring music with synths and/or a drum machine. if that were totally true i would have no problem admitting it. ...ok that's not true. i would have a problem with being a 100% bass-head, just like i would have a problem listening to any genre of music exclusively. in the interest of balance i wish to present my case for a non-synth-based artist.

exhibit a: grizzly bear.

lovvvve grizzly bear. last time i saw them i'm pretty sure i blacked out from concentration and emotion. i'm seeing the grizz and beach house tonight at the palladium and no band with a moog is better at...

oh wait, they do use keyboards.

fuck it. didn't radiohead permanently destroy the walls and restrictions regarding "rock" music back in the 90's? i like my rock n' roll with a korg synth and effects pedals. ...or at least a nice electric keyboard and some reverb.

here's an unreal duet with victoria legrand of beach house. when they perform together tonight i'm going to melt.

grizzly bear slow life (feat. victoria legrand)



dreamwave 4 :: college

everyone, go back to college for the weekend.

college and the other valerie records innovators have perfected the poignant, neon, dreamwave sound and aesthetic.

these are off the fantastic brand new
secret diary remixed.
college i think about it (keenhouse remix)
college she never came back (feat. electric youth)

these are a year old but so great they need to be heard, danced to, or blasted while driving your testarossa with the top down.

college when you smile
college the energy story (justin faust remix)
college teenage color (anoraak remix)



dreamwave 3 :: neon indian

neon indian psychic chasms
neon indian should have taken acid with you
neon indian mind, drips

psychic chasms is the best full length lp i've heard in a long long long time. truly a start-to-finish affair. a most spectacular collection of lo-fi dreamy synth pop gems surrounded by perfect songlettes and interludes.

this is just a taste. go buy the whole album. it will make your month too.

Download Psychic Chasms from Amazon

// // //


dreamwave 2 :: miami horror

miami horror sometimes

super fresh brand new just dropped ultra neon. it's got that new order guitar thing that still drives me crazy.



hang around baby we'll be baking a cake for you

YACHT psychic city (classixx remix) [removed by request]

mice on toast is the breakfast of champions. as long as you wash it down with this cool cup of good-morning remix.



jurassic technology

everyone needs to go to check out the museum of jurassic technology on venice and bagley. romantic/victorian/acid trip through the brain of 12 mad scientists.

go with someone like luke g. for the most fun/brain scrambling.

strange sounds, chirps, silver bells, mechanical droans and disembodied voices float around the dark labyrinthine space.

sounds a lot like a description of my favorite deep-dub brits, burial. burial is what the museum would sound like if it had hands and programmed beautiful music instead of having no hands and just tripping people like me the fuck out.

this is new
burial fostercare

this isn't (but it's so nice)
burial shell of light



ear goggles/big fat speaker stacks recommended

so both these tracks are a little "epic." but sometimes "heavy" and "intense" aren't pejorative. sometimes you need to get deep into a speaker or some headphones and just rave your little heart out. neither track is totally "untz, untz, untz, untz..." either. they're more about the journey and the build than the destination. the beat doesn't even drop until min 4:30 in this new, beautiful mau5 hole. but when it does... 8:)

deadmau5 strobe

same goes for this amazing la roux remix i picked up from the boys at gottadancedirty. it's more about the bass and that heavy deep throb you feel instead of hear.

la roux in for the kill (skreams let's get ravey mix)

just don't call it (bleh) trance.

// ////||


pretty girl voices

little local band from silverlake, great little song.
the electones a box of rain

another brilliant passion pit re-work. ellie goulding is the real deal.
ellie goulding sleepyhead (starsmith remix)

new massive attack! taking cues from the knife on this track maybe? that's definitely a chicken/egg scenario i think. without that bristol scene in the 90's there would be no fever ray...
massive attack psyche (flash treatment)[ft. martina topley bird]



dreamwave 1 :: glo-fi

small black despicable dogs (washed out remix)
small black bad lover
au revoir simone another likely story (neon indian remix)

hands down my favorite dreamwave sub-genre, glo-fi is the sonic hazy idealized memory of every sun-melted summer you ever had, or wish you had.

for more check out
playmix 12.



letting up despite great faults

letting up despite great faults in steps

a gre
at nu album from a great nu-gaze LA artist.



the frozen surface of a fire ball

oh julain casablancas we know you're cool and you don't give a fuck and date starlets but that's ok because you give us tracks like this. who needs the strokes.

julian casablancas 11th dimension

shoegaze with a guitar/glokenspiel solo at the end? gold

headlights i don't mind at all

(thanks blue-pants scott for both of these)




little girl braiding a friendship bracelet taped to the window of her mom's prius driving down pch

deastro greens, grays, and nordics (i am robot and proud remix)

\\ //


"get up and live life"

our havasu guide/photographer had this tattooed around his wrist. these two tracks pretty much make you want to do that.

matt and kim good ol' fashion nightmare
memory tapes plain material

...get up, not tattoo your wrists.




vishnu shist

sweaty, staggering; alternatively heavy and blissed out. all of it reminded me how happy i would be in the wilderness without the bullshit of civilization and how much i crave anything that takes me to that place. ...this new zero 7 track is dosing me with a little bit of that right now.

zero 7 swing