2010/nye/the morning after

the morning after

the middle east lonely

the middle east is from queensland oz.
thanks blue-pants scott and mikey s.



2010/nye/big weekend

lemonade big weekend (delorean remix)

dance to this in the late am new years day.



if it's already been done, undo it

the gossip heavy cross (RAC mix)

the gossip heavy cross (yuksek remix)

can you pick which one you like better? i can't and i play these tracks over and over again back to back. ditto's voice is unreal. also RAC is back with another album of world class mixs. more to come.



protection. focus.

here we go magic tunnel vision


round two fight!

when alan palomo isn't gauzy glowing my brain cells like a firefly stuck in honey as neon indian, he's throwing down disco as VEGA. vega as in the pony-tailed and effete spanish matador/ass kicker with the wolverine claw in street figher II.

the star.

whatever the case, we can agree that alan has a way with alias's, beats,
and making me love him.

//_ _



the xx islands
the xx night time

both these tracks are so affective out here, it's like i'm hearing them for the 1st time.

the xx night time (nosaj thing remix)
the xx basic space (pariah remix)

nosaj thing keeps the mood and kicks up the bass, which is tough to do since the xx mix the low end so high already.

pariah also gets even deeper with basic space



be long

that about covers all the bases.

||_ _


where is my mind//blue and yellow purple pills

the pixies where is my mind (bassnectar remix)

so fun// so heavy// so many pills!

also this.
lebatman arpege
less space-dub, more french disco, goes down just as easy.




the drums let's go surfing



leaving for somewhere warm

...and sandy, with breezes of salty air///

no matter what climate you're in now, this new tycho track will take you there too.

tycho coastal brake



dreamwave 8 :: gunstar

gunstar's from n. ireland, so he knows a thing or two about blowing up spots.



mr. anderson

mr. anderson is a young talent representing LA and THE FUTURE. kevin is also a good guy and kind of a bad ass in general so check out his stuff and prepare to dance your face off. make no mistake this is a head-banging womp-womp heavy bass throw the fuck down electro mix.
and you're going to love it.

mr. anderson cause you feel it when you KNOW mix (mediafire)

Vocal Intro- Diskow Heartbeat( Celebrity Murder Party mashup)
Mightyfools- addict (original mix)
VHS or BETA- Feel it when you know(LA Riots remix)
David Guetta-Everytime we touch( Chuckie Remix)
Tonka-Jack track( Black Noise VIP remix)
Gio Martinez& Geneik-Rempejack ( Oliver $ remix)
The count & the sinden- MEGA (harvard bass remix)
Ac slater- play the record again
Mightyfools- Badmen
Fake Blood- I think i lick it ( dan aux mash up)
Duck Sauce- Anyway- (Black Noise Bassline remix)
Alexisonfire- This Could be anywhere in the world ( Barletta Edit)
Fedde Le grand- Let me think about it



dreamwave 7 :: futurecop!


ballet bomb

the ballet the house on fire

fresh cute happy pop nugget about a jilted lover burning your house down.



down the tube

come down the tube with me tonight...
we can get heavy and dance hard in a dark sweaty room with strobes and laser light.

royksopp tricky tricky (horror shower remix)
boys noize kontact me (figure bootleg)


thanks to my fellow swedes at deathdisco and non-swedes discodemons


peaced off

ever wonder why there isn't any loud, public, and, for our purposes, musical outrage like there was in the 60's?

just a thought.

memory tapes bicycle



new hot

so brand new it's still in the crate and doesn't drop in the us until the feb of the new year.

hot chip take it in

and here's a classic.

mercy arms kept low (cut copy remix)

/// ||


dreamwave 6 :: fear of tigers

fear of tigers takes the dreamwave sound to a next level of arena huge. if college is what you listened to when jonny broke your heart and you cried writing about it in your lisa frank diary,

then fear of tigers is what you listened to when you decided jonny is just an immature jerk and you're done dating guys your age until college. ...and fuck it you're sneaking into the disco and getting crazy.

fear of tigers please don't leave
fear of tigers sirkka
fear of tigers study hard drugs school

thank you discodust.




delphic is a band out of manchester whose sound hearkens back to a day before oasis when bands like the stone roses were combining rave sensibility and alternative rock ethos.

delphic this momentary (lightsoverla remix)
delphic this momentary (parallels remix)

delphic doubt
delphic counterpoint

thanks c-m-c. and ///gottadancedirty for the lightsoverla mix (and thanks for every friday night these days boys)




i am so very thankful for my good friends, my loving family and partner...

and holy shit am i ever thankful for these two neon indian remixes of cheerleader by grizzly bear.

grizzly bear cheerleader (neon indian 'studio 6669' remix)

grizzly bear cheerleader (neon indian 'sega genesis p-orridge' remix)

>> >>


some of you i know

some of you i'm meeting for the first time. if you've never been here, welcome. hope you enjoy. and god bless america.

boys noize gax

i feel like everyone reading this knows about boys noize already but for those who don't, let me just say he is the king (president) of electro at this moment. right now.



you've changed

...for the better.

sia you've changed



best coast

fuck it! go to the beach. if you're very fortunate you're already on the best coast and don't have to go far.
this track is pure golden beach pop fuzz good times. like "holy shit! where's my hula hoop?" good.

best coast when i'm with you

// //

the mundane and the divine

tape deck mountain on my honor (letting up despite great faults remix)

thank you blue pants scott.



royksopp forever

i'm seeing royksopp perform tonight for the first time. their unique brand of quirky norwegian electro dream pop always sounds frosty and crystal clear on record. so their live album shocked me the first time i heard all the raw crackling energy and outright rock power these two can create onstage.

example 1: sparks

downtempo chanteus jazz chill out morphs into a propulsive analog drum chop-up live. both versions stand alone.

royksopp sparks
royksopp sparks (live)

and something a little more current. fellow scandanavian robyn's guest spot was the highlight of junior for me. here are two versions: the glorious original and something a little harder... the girl and the robot take a trip to the disco, let's say.

royksopp the girl and the robot
royksopp the girl and the robot (spencer and hill remix)

// << >/


new beach house

come see the new beach house in norway. we can sail there really really really really fast on this.

beach house norway

\ \\


<3 twins

i love twins.

cocteau twins cherry-coloured funk

// //



parallels. 1984-style synth pop; vox sounding alternately like early madonna or a compressed, vocoded robot. it's all good (super good).

parallels ghost machine
parallels reservoir
parallels ultralight

||||||| |||


export only

so no one i talked to in brazil had ever heard of css. cansei de ser sexy is apparently an export-only brazilian product, so this post is an introduction for my new brazilian amigos. this is so much better than o rappa you guys, come on.

there are also some new remixes down there that might be fresh for the rest of you too.

css knife (grizzly bear cover)
fever ray seven (css remix)
lily allen alfie (css remix)[removed per request]
css move (cut copy remix)
css rat is dead (css remix)[removed per request]



music for airports

i hit repeat on this track more than any other during the long hours in flight getting to and around brazil.

ted and frances erlend (ted and francis remix)

thanks deej.



playmix 13

here it is guys.

playmix 13

from the loving hearts and minds of JT&T. playmix 13.

1. Girls – Lust For Life
2. Neon Indian – Should Have Taken Acid With You
3. The Flaming Lips – Convinced Of The Hex
4. Charlotte Gainsbourg – IRM
5. The Raveonettes – Heart Of Stone
6. Dead Man’s Bones – Pa Pa Power
7. Bon Iver & St. Vincent – Rosyln
8. El Perro Del Mar – Change Of Heart
9. Ellie Goulding – Under The Sheets
10. Electric Youth – Faces
11. Headlights – Secrets
12. Sunset Rubdown – Apollo And The Buffalo And Anna Anna Anna Oh!
13. Sea Wolf – Wicked Blood
14. Islands – Switched On
15. Tegan & Sara – Alligator
16. Letting Up Despite Great Faults – The Colors Aren’t You Or Me



indian summer mixtape

anoraak indian summer mix tape

best start to finish mix i've heard all year. i don't care where you are or what you're doing this will make whatever it is so much better. check out the track list and try not to get excited.


1| holy ghost! I will come back classixx acapulco nights version

2| david rubato circuit [siriusmo remix]
3| jupiter Mama used to say
4| Metric Help i'm alive [The Twelves remix]
5| Pacific! Hold me [Breakbot remix]

6| Lacquer Behind

7| Château Marmont Diane

8| Cinnamon Chasers I like watching you [Diamond Cut remix]

9| Michael Cassette Moonlight runner

10| Friendly Fires Skeleton boy [Grum remix]

11| Zoot Woman Saturation

12| LeCorpsMinceDeFrançoise Bitch of the bitches [Russ Chimes remix]
13| Jamaica [PoneyPoney] When do you wanna stop working [Pacific! remix]
14| The Juan Mc Lean Happy house [VHS or Beta remix]
15| Passion Pit Little secrets

thanks a. garcia for sending this in my direction.



single bear looking for love, long walks on the beach

CANT ghosts

CANT is chris taylor of grizzly bear's solo project. he's the sexy blonde one.

chris plays the bass, bass sax, flute, harmonizes sweetly and twiddles most of the knobs and peddles on stage with gb.

this track is mostly about mood and build without much in the way of melody or hooks. harmonic oooh's, flanged out beach guitars, steady bass drum beat and tamborine all recorded in some huge hall of echoes and reverb. in other words any fan of the grizz beyond two weeks will totally dig it.

|||\// /



dodgeball and rollerskates. childhood games definitely worth a revisit once you're no longer a kid.

matias aguayo rollerskate

this new track from a chilean techno-minimalist takes a twist toward the roller-rink by way of midnight gym class. you'll have that rolling a capella beat in your head all day.

||||| |


swimming pools

real estate pool swimmers

ou est le swimming pool dance the way i feel

two very different, very great tracks by new bands you maybe haven't heard of.

\\\ \


dreamwave 5 :: anoraak

anoraak is the king of the valerie collective. my love and admiration for this frenchman is obvious to anyone who has followed this blog or the playmix group. he just fucking nails it every time.

a sick van halen guitar attack opens this track and there's no stopping it from there. party.

fact reborn anoraak remix




let's pretend it's still summer. better yet, just sit back and snuggle up in whatever increasingly brisk climate you find yourself and remember how great summer was. listen to these dreamy tracks with a sweet pang of nostalgia and a wash of mellow vibes. feel your sun-kissed skin begin to fade.

ducktails wishes
ducktails on the boardwalk
ducktails roses



shadow dancer

i don't know where or when i took this picture. i just discovered it on my memory card and it's blowing my mind. dark, mysterious, full of intrigue. like this track below.

moderat is the colaboration between dance/electro-meisters modeselektor and apparat.

mmmatthias is in my opinion a definite contender for remix artist of the year, and definitely the dj with the best taste in source material.

the thumping intro on this track sounds like a shadowy stranger pounding at your door late on a foggy night... but it's cool, he just wants to take you out and dance dirty.

moderat les grandes marches (mmmatthias remix)



look nick! guitars!

so i was accused yesterday of exclusively favoring music with synths and/or a drum machine. if that were totally true i would have no problem admitting it. ...ok that's not true. i would have a problem with being a 100% bass-head, just like i would have a problem listening to any genre of music exclusively. in the interest of balance i wish to present my case for a non-synth-based artist.

exhibit a: grizzly bear.

lovvvve grizzly bear. last time i saw them i'm pretty sure i blacked out from concentration and emotion. i'm seeing the grizz and beach house tonight at the palladium and no band with a moog is better at...

oh wait, they do use keyboards.

fuck it. didn't radiohead permanently destroy the walls and restrictions regarding "rock" music back in the 90's? i like my rock n' roll with a korg synth and effects pedals. ...or at least a nice electric keyboard and some reverb.

here's an unreal duet with victoria legrand of beach house. when they perform together tonight i'm going to melt.

grizzly bear slow life (feat. victoria legrand)