i'm up in the woods. i'm down on my mind. i'm building a still, to slow down the time.

>party in the woods is done<. you're contemplating and basking in the cool after-glow. you close your eyes and watch the color show projecting onto your lids as bon iver's lux vocoder vox whispers in your ears. as the harmonies and chords develop and swell you feel his bluesy ache sink in to your chest, building, evolving. at min. 3:30 the falcetto transcends into a cry and the ache becomes a rush, then a fire-burst, radiating out of the top of your head.

yeah i know. autotune. but think about this. someone was playing the cello before yo yo ma got a hold of it too. doesn't mean the instrument was bad. it just hadn't yet been expressed in such capable//loving//talented hands.