the most beautiful skies, as a matter of fact

i'm quitting the coast and going trekking through the havasu and grand canyons for a few days. many pictures, wild and sweaty memories, and possibly even some perspective will be waiting for me on the other side. but in the mean time here's some fresh air for everybody (not just me) from the forthcoming love 2.

air so light is her footfall
air sing sang sung



still summer still summer still summer #1

it's 8:45a and 80 degrees on the sand so everyone just shhhh all the "summer's over" stuff and go to the beach.

...and listen to washed out on the way. lo-fi, gauzy, perfect.
the burnished gold track feel it all around made it onto the latest playmix, but there is so much more treasure buried on the life of leisure ep., so much...

washed out new theory
washed out hold out
washed out you'll see it



back from wherever that was

ok so it's been awhile since the last yacht race. so much good music has gotten in my ears through my brain and sometimes out my feet and fingers in the last 5 months so let's get right to it.

a friend of mine in nyc sent me this cover of sam sparro's black and gold and now i can barely remember what the original sounds like (thanks scott). ellie goulding, a cute blonde brit, speeds up sparro's thumpy groove into pop r&b flamenco while her agile soprano trills around the melody a la bjork or lykke li.

more more more to come.

ellie goulding black and gold (sam sparro cover)