delphic is a band out of manchester whose sound hearkens back to a day before oasis when bands like the stone roses were combining rave sensibility and alternative rock ethos.

delphic this momentary (lightsoverla remix)
delphic this momentary (parallels remix)

delphic doubt
delphic counterpoint

thanks c-m-c. and ///gottadancedirty for the lightsoverla mix (and thanks for every friday night these days boys)




i am so very thankful for my good friends, my loving family and partner...

and holy shit am i ever thankful for these two neon indian remixes of cheerleader by grizzly bear.

grizzly bear cheerleader (neon indian 'studio 6669' remix)

grizzly bear cheerleader (neon indian 'sega genesis p-orridge' remix)

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some of you i know

some of you i'm meeting for the first time. if you've never been here, welcome. hope you enjoy. and god bless america.

boys noize gax

i feel like everyone reading this knows about boys noize already but for those who don't, let me just say he is the king (president) of electro at this moment. right now.



you've changed

...for the better.

sia you've changed



best coast

fuck it! go to the beach. if you're very fortunate you're already on the best coast and don't have to go far.
this track is pure golden beach pop fuzz good times. like "holy shit! where's my hula hoop?" good.

best coast when i'm with you

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the mundane and the divine

tape deck mountain on my honor (letting up despite great faults remix)

thank you blue pants scott.



royksopp forever

i'm seeing royksopp perform tonight for the first time. their unique brand of quirky norwegian electro dream pop always sounds frosty and crystal clear on record. so their live album shocked me the first time i heard all the raw crackling energy and outright rock power these two can create onstage.

example 1: sparks

downtempo chanteus jazz chill out morphs into a propulsive analog drum chop-up live. both versions stand alone.

royksopp sparks
royksopp sparks (live)

and something a little more current. fellow scandanavian robyn's guest spot was the highlight of junior for me. here are two versions: the glorious original and something a little harder... the girl and the robot take a trip to the disco, let's say.

royksopp the girl and the robot
royksopp the girl and the robot (spencer and hill remix)

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new beach house

come see the new beach house in norway. we can sail there really really really really fast on this.

beach house norway

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<3 twins

i love twins.

cocteau twins cherry-coloured funk

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parallels. 1984-style synth pop; vox sounding alternately like early madonna or a compressed, vocoded robot. it's all good (super good).

parallels ghost machine
parallels reservoir
parallels ultralight

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export only

so no one i talked to in brazil had ever heard of css. cansei de ser sexy is apparently an export-only brazilian product, so this post is an introduction for my new brazilian amigos. this is so much better than o rappa you guys, come on.

there are also some new remixes down there that might be fresh for the rest of you too.

css knife (grizzly bear cover)
fever ray seven (css remix)
lily allen alfie (css remix)[removed per request]
css move (cut copy remix)
css rat is dead (css remix)[removed per request]



music for airports

i hit repeat on this track more than any other during the long hours in flight getting to and around brazil.

ted and frances erlend (ted and francis remix)

thanks deej.