glowing raglan loves royksopp

raglan is the best wave i have ever surfed. the whole bay sections into perfect lefts: whale bay, manu bay, and indicators. the air is so clean here that even a half moon provides enough light for a flashlight-free night hike. we took one down the hill from our sustainable eco-"hotel" made of refurbished boxcars and took pictures on the cliff overlooking the bay. i love new zealand.

i also LOVE royksopp's new single. few acts get me the way these two scandanavians can. happy up here bounces with farmilair blips and handclaps; as a friend described, "eple's all grown up and got lyrics!" and it's true. the boys noize remix is expectedly hard and heavy and will have your head banging and your ass shaking.

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  1. Don't ask me how I found this, cuz I'm not quite so sure myself, but great music PLUS I googled the eco-hotel and was totally impressed - reminded me of the San Jose in Austin w/ Nakashima furniture and a beach theme...very cool!