what kind of breeze do you blow?

[[[listen really loud[[[

phoenix 1901 (what kind of breeze do you blow? a-mix)

at min 1:08 the synth taffy-pull kicks in and next thing you know you're dancing around your little red house....

this guy is only up to min :30 but he'll be feeling it soon.



when i grow up i want to live near the sea, crab claws and bottles of rum

>>>nature is pissed.

directed by martin de thurah. this is the second video from karin dreijer andersson as fever ray. below is the first..

here is a less dark but equally killer mix
fever ray if i had a heart (familjen remix)

thematically both videos are pretty blatant. the nature spirits are fighting back; blowing up your pool, killing you, and stealing your children. the animist black-metal norwegian vibe runs strong with everything karin does, here more so than with the knife. so eerie and gorgeous. i can't stop watching either one of these.

below is another de thura/andersson masterpiece with royksopp.



rich girls spring break no parents party all night

the virgins rich girls (le castle vania's spring break no parents remix)

there really isn't much more to say. go dance.


we goin' over-seas wit this one (over-seas!)

fist of god. sounds painful.

so far i haven't heard anything as zeitgeist-ily anthemic as all i do is party on this album but who knows, with the millions of remixes already being executed across the world, it may only be a matter of time before something emerges. here are two highlights from fist of god.

mstrkrft heartbreaker (feat. john legend)
mstrkrft it ain't love (feat. lil' mo)



col-col loves peaches

guest post by colin

ugh! i have to write something?

[ peaches ]

[college memories]
[brings me back]
the new album is fantastic.

- how's that? or do i need to be deeper?

peaches more (prod. by simian mobile disco)

/ / /


playmix 9

check out playmix 9 from my good friends taylor and tyler, and me.

playmix 9

1. Asobi Seksu - Sing Tomorrow’s Praise
2. Grizzly Bear - Two Weeks
3. Phoenix - Lisztomania
4. The Submarines - Submarine Symphonika (Ra Ra Riot Remix)
5. Little Dragon - Twice
6. Say Hi - November Was White, December Was Grey
7. Dead Heart Bloom - Flash In A Bottle
8. Justin Vernon + Aaron Dessner - Big Red Machine
9. Antony & The Johnsons - Kiss My Name
10. M. Ward - Fisher Of Men
11. Fanfarlo - I’m A Pilot
12. Dirty Projectors + David Byrne - Knotty Pine
13. Charlotte Gainsbourg - The Songs That We Sing
14. Fever Ray - When I Grow Up
15. Bat For Lashes - Glass
16. Metric - Help, I’m Alive
17. Passion Pit - Smile Upon Me



boom vang boom boom

the sea can be a treacherous fickle booming s.o.b///
but nothing we can't dance around... and around and around.
check out this 8-bits in a cathedral spine-tingler from aron dynamite.

aron dynamite four drops

once the seafoam ultramarine party gets busted, the cops will be full on after the salty party dogs, driving up sunset, past whittier, screaming through beverly hills....

fresh lovers beverly hills chase (DIGIKID84 remix)

\\\\\\\\\\ \


///// / /

/ / /royksopp

radiohead / / /

(holy fuck)

radiohead nude (holy fuck remix)

royksopp happy up here (holy fuck re-interpretation)



casual sex and strawberries 2 ways

asobi seksu strawberries
asobi seksu strawberries (css remix)

asobi seksu. "casual sex" in japanese.

casual sex can be many things. it can be light, fun, unburdened, much like the playful sexy strawberries. the coquettish japanese voice coos flirtatiously, entices you into a laughing, naked afternoon; finally speeding up into a loud wild fast climax.

casual sex can also be a naughty, aggressive affair. love foxxx and the rest of the css sex crew do this treatment better than anyone, pushing the beat and the vocals into sweaty, synthy salacious territory. a midnight tryst, the neon glow buzzing outside your window.

asobi seksu's new album, hush, is a sublime work of layered, shimmering delight. buy it here.

sneak peek alert/// stay tuned to the playmix group for a taste of hush)

/// / / / / //////


laser class...

...on a warm day with 12kt puffs, pressure on the sails, cool spray hitting your face and the caribbean sun on your neck.

this kind of sailing is beautiful but also strenuous and aggressive. it doesnt sound like any of the nu-balaeric, slow-disco, downtempo stuff you'll find below. ...but the pictures look like the music sounds.

sorcerer + windsurf = hatchback ...no seriously. the two artists who call themselves sorcerer and windsurf, respectively, join forces and perform as hatchback. a wonder-twin analogy is apt in my opinion and deserves some dorky yet illustrative unpacking, so indulge me if you will.

the wonder twins each had specific powers of morphological transformation. zan transformed into any form of water and jayna into any animal. combined, the twins were much stronger than apart, defeating foes cosmic and pedestrian.

windsurf is zan, the water twin: breezy, atmospheric, placid.
windsurf windsurf
sorcerer is jayna, the animal twin: rhythmic, downtempo, percussive.
sorcerer hawaiian island
put them together you get hatchback: vintage, sun-bleached, dreamy... and in my opinion much stronger than either artist on his own.
hatchback everything is neu



midnight snack

flying through the night///

here's a little midnight snack //passion pit sleepyhead//.

sounds like the avalanches with aaron behrens of ghostland observatory wailing over it. damn i wish the avalanches would drop a new album already. their myspace says "putting the finishing finishing touches on album 2." touch it boys! it's been 7 years.



tobago 2 'fer

tv on the radio heroes (david bowie cover)
hot chip transmission (joy division cover)

i couldn't decide between these two pictures so there, you have both. i couldn't decide which track to pull from this covers project album , so you get 2.

album's called war child: heroes vol.1. war child is a canadian nfp that advocates for children in war torn regions like south ossetia and sri lanka. help a good cause (besides helping the artists themselves and enjoying great music, which are also worthy causes) and buy it.

for this benefit album the original artists chose new acts to cover their songs. duffy KILLS paul mccartney's live and let die. elbow gets quiet and poignant with u2's running to stand still. peaches creams iggie pop. hold steady invigorates bruce springsteen etc etc. really i could have put any two of these up here. it's a brilliant and brilliantly executed concept.

so why these 2.

tvotr rocks this. kyp and tunde's voices are always insane, and they definitely do ziggy stardust justice here.

hot chip makes you dance. joy division is joy division. plus the steel drums are where i'm at right now. ya know, ////with the turtles.////