look nick! guitars!

so i was accused yesterday of exclusively favoring music with synths and/or a drum machine. if that were totally true i would have no problem admitting it. ...ok that's not true. i would have a problem with being a 100% bass-head, just like i would have a problem listening to any genre of music exclusively. in the interest of balance i wish to present my case for a non-synth-based artist.

exhibit a: grizzly bear.

lovvvve grizzly bear. last time i saw them i'm pretty sure i blacked out from concentration and emotion. i'm seeing the grizz and beach house tonight at the palladium and no band with a moog is better at...

oh wait, they do use keyboards.

fuck it. didn't radiohead permanently destroy the walls and restrictions regarding "rock" music back in the 90's? i like my rock n' roll with a korg synth and effects pedals. ...or at least a nice electric keyboard and some reverb.

here's an unreal duet with victoria legrand of beach house. when they perform together tonight i'm going to melt.

grizzly bear slow life (feat. victoria legrand)


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