royksopp forever

i'm seeing royksopp perform tonight for the first time. their unique brand of quirky norwegian electro dream pop always sounds frosty and crystal clear on record. so their live album shocked me the first time i heard all the raw crackling energy and outright rock power these two can create onstage.

example 1: sparks

downtempo chanteus jazz chill out morphs into a propulsive analog drum chop-up live. both versions stand alone.

royksopp sparks
royksopp sparks (live)

and something a little more current. fellow scandanavian robyn's guest spot was the highlight of junior for me. here are two versions: the glorious original and something a little harder... the girl and the robot take a trip to the disco, let's say.

royksopp the girl and the robot
royksopp the girl and the robot (spencer and hill remix)

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