export only

so no one i talked to in brazil had ever heard of css. cansei de ser sexy is apparently an export-only brazilian product, so this post is an introduction for my new brazilian amigos. this is so much better than o rappa you guys, come on.

there are also some new remixes down there that might be fresh for the rest of you too.

css knife (grizzly bear cover)
fever ray seven (css remix)
lily allen alfie (css remix)[removed per request]
css move (cut copy remix)
css rat is dead (css remix)[removed per request]


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  1. Absolutely amazing blog. Am I your first fan? I hope so, I couldn't be happier about finding your blog. Beautiful pictures, amazing music and great writing.

    And I think you would like Snowden. I'm not sure if you listen to them or not, but I don't see them listed. If you haven't, try Black Eyes, Between the Rent and Me...and August Landelius and Holger Zilske-To Them To Me.