ear goggles/big fat speaker stacks recommended

so both these tracks are a little "epic." but sometimes "heavy" and "intense" aren't pejorative. sometimes you need to get deep into a speaker or some headphones and just rave your little heart out. neither track is totally "untz, untz, untz, untz..." either. they're more about the journey and the build than the destination. the beat doesn't even drop until min 4:30 in this new, beautiful mau5 hole. but when it does... 8:)

deadmau5 strobe

same goes for this amazing la roux remix i picked up from the boys at gottadancedirty. it's more about the bass and that heavy deep throb you feel instead of hear.

la roux in for the kill (skreams let's get ravey mix)

just don't call it (bleh) trance.

// ////||

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