laser class...

...on a warm day with 12kt puffs, pressure on the sails, cool spray hitting your face and the caribbean sun on your neck.

this kind of sailing is beautiful but also strenuous and aggressive. it doesnt sound like any of the nu-balaeric, slow-disco, downtempo stuff you'll find below. ...but the pictures look like the music sounds.

sorcerer + windsurf = hatchback ...no seriously. the two artists who call themselves sorcerer and windsurf, respectively, join forces and perform as hatchback. a wonder-twin analogy is apt in my opinion and deserves some dorky yet illustrative unpacking, so indulge me if you will.

the wonder twins each had specific powers of morphological transformation. zan transformed into any form of water and jayna into any animal. combined, the twins were much stronger than apart, defeating foes cosmic and pedestrian.

windsurf is zan, the water twin: breezy, atmospheric, placid.
windsurf windsurf
sorcerer is jayna, the animal twin: rhythmic, downtempo, percussive.
sorcerer hawaiian island
put them together you get hatchback: vintage, sun-bleached, dreamy... and in my opinion much stronger than either artist on his own.
hatchback everything is neu



  1. I AM NU-BALAERICA!! in my perfect universe windsurf would give william orbit a slight dance edge and perform for my birthday

  2. mike you're a genius! and invite me