casual sex and strawberries 2 ways

asobi seksu strawberries
asobi seksu strawberries (css remix)

asobi seksu. "casual sex" in japanese.

casual sex can be many things. it can be light, fun, unburdened, much like the playful sexy strawberries. the coquettish japanese voice coos flirtatiously, entices you into a laughing, naked afternoon; finally speeding up into a loud wild fast climax.

casual sex can also be a naughty, aggressive affair. love foxxx and the rest of the css sex crew do this treatment better than anyone, pushing the beat and the vocals into sweaty, synthy salacious territory. a midnight tryst, the neon glow buzzing outside your window.

asobi seksu's new album, hush, is a sublime work of layered, shimmering delight. buy it here.

sneak peek alert/// stay tuned to the playmix group for a taste of hush)

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