and i was a boy from school, and he was a boy from school

a great cover or mashup reveals something new about the original version. boy from school was always my favorite hot chip track: a poignant, powerful and danceable ballad of outsider kids who struggle in their youth and meet later in life having come out the other side.

as a gay man, when ed droste sings these lyrics they take on a new tender sadness, but also a triumphant and beautiful satisfaction.

we tried. but we didn't have long.
we tried. but we didn't belong.

now i meet you on the street
harmlessly breaking rules, we meet.
lives are found and loves are lost.
say goodbye to nothing everything caused.

say goodbye to everything nothing caused.

*both these bands perform at coachella this spring\\\


  1. Great photo - takes the lyrics to a deeper level without exhausting the photo's meaning and direct impact. Wonderful. Papa